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Trump Says Americans Are Tired of “Disaster” Fauci And The Virus

President Trump had a few choice words for infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci during a conference call with Trump 2020 Campaign staffers. Trump labeled Fauci as a “disaster” who has been wrong time and time again on issues relating to the virus. It isn’t quite clear if the audio was “leaked” to the media or who recorded it, but Trump said he “couldn’t care less” if there were a reporter in the room or not because he would say everything the same way.

Trump’s “attack” on Fauci apparently came unprompted but he thought it would be worthwhile to express his viewpoints on the doctor. This is probably because of a recent “60 Minutes” interview that Fauci did on CBS. In the interview, Fauci said that a White House event that was held before Trump caught the virus was a “superspreader event.” Trump was clearly displeased with Fauci speaking to the media this way, saying that there’s always a “bomb” when Fauci goes on television and that there would be a bigger bomb if Fauci were fired.

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To no surprise, many mainstream media outlets rushed to Anthony Fauci’s defense after Trump’s “attack” on Fauci was revealed. A noticeable amount of outlets label Fauci as a “hero”, and this is most likely due to Fauci’s appearance as an anti-Trump mole within the Trump administration. Kamala Harris recently said that she would accept a vaccine from Fauci, but not from Trump. As if either one of these men would manufacture drugs in their homes.

Fauci has admittedly been wrong on at least one occasion during the virus outbreak. At the beginning of the virus, back in March or April, Fauci essentially denounced masks for the general public. He said that masks my block “a droplet or two” but aren’t as effective as the public would think. Of course, he publicly reversed course and said that masks are effective. Then he went to a Washington Nationals game with his mask halfway off.

Much of the left in the United States like to cuddle up with the CCP’s World Health Organization as well as Dr. Fauci. the W.H.O. said human-to-human transmission of the virus wasn’t possible. They also warned against a ban on Chinese travel, even though China is literally the epicenter of the virus. Trump said that if he listened to Fauci and all of the other so-called experts, there would be nearly 500,000 dead instead of 200,000.

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Maybe Trump’s number of 500,000 deaths compared to 200,000 by not blindly listening to Fauci is a little exaggerated. What’s also exaggerated is Fauci’s level of knowledge of all things health-related. Maybe it is time for a second opinion rather than shoving all of the country’s health eggs into one basket.


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