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50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump for President! Here’s Why.

The rapper and media mogul known as 50 Cent endorsed Donald Trump for President through a post on his social media platforms. 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, posted a screenshot of proposed tax rates for top earners under Joe Biden’s tax plan. Places where 50 Cent probably lives in and works out of like California and his home of New York City showed tax rates above 60%. New York City’s tax rate under Biden would leave 50 with only 38% of his own money afterward.

50 Cent used a few choice words to express his displeasure with the tax plan and also wrote “Vote 4Trump”. The Queens, New York media mogul (50 Cent, not Trump who is also from Queens) also made a somewhat confusing statement about Trump on his social media. The statement “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people” made a few people scratch their heads. One blue-check white liberal on Twitter went into a rage against 50 over the tweet.

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It’s not quite clear if 50 Cent believes that Trump is a racist or not. Considering the fact that 50 and Trump are both from Queens, New York and they have had numerous friendly run-ins with each other throughout the years, it’s doubtful that 50 thinks Trump is racist. Another way to view the ambiguous statement from 50 Cent’s tweet is to view “racism” the same way Kanye West explained it in the Oval Office. Kanye said “racism can’t control me!” when referring to those who label Trump as a racist. Meaning, the mention of racism not enough to deter me or my actions.

Even if 50 Cent believes that Trump is somehow a bad person, he is intelligent enough to understand that business is business and feelings are irrelevant. The President does not have to love 50 or anyone else. If rules and regulations benefit an individual Trump voter and/or the country as a whole, then that’s all that matters. A random Democratic candidate could express all the love in the world for people, that same love could be expressed back, but when they get in office they do everything in the world to show the opposite of how they campaigned. Bad policies are not indicative of love or admiration, they are a sign of incompetence.

Media moguls like 50 Cent, Puff Daddy aka “Diddy”, and Ice Cube successful and for from incompetent. In order to maintain a high income and standard of living, intelligence is required. A fool and their money shall soon part. This is why lottery winners strike big and go broke in a matter of months, never to see the money again. If athletes and entertainers in the black community are smart and honest, then they would support Trump’s drastic tax cuts. Because this helps high earners keep more of their own money in their pocket. Joe Biden’s tax plan calls for a tax rate of up to 62%. That means a person is able to keep a measly 38% of their own money post-taxes. Pitiful.

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The counter-argument to Trump’s tax cuts and the black celebrity support for them would be that rich people shouldn’t get cuts and they should pay their “fair share”. The million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) question here is … how much is a “fair share”? Where is that written anywhere in the tax code? Rich people already pay the majority of federal income tax and all other taxes anyway. So how much is too much? Rich people are also business owners with employees. If their taxes are raised so high to the point where they need to make adjustments in their expenses to pay the Government rather than an employee, then people will lose their jobs. How is that fair to the little guy?


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