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Tucker Carlson Angrily Confronted By Man With Alleged Ties To Federal Government

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was angrily confronted by a man by the name of Dan Bailey at a fishing shop in Livingston, Montana. Bailey got very close to Tucker, almost nose-to-nose, to give him a piece of his mind. Tucker Carlson was then berated with statements such as “you are the worst human being known to mankind”. The confrontation was relatively low on a decibel level but it was quite intense and personal.

The entire interaction at this small town fishing shop was recorded (not by Dan Bailey himself) and then published on his Instagram page. The obvious question would be… if Bailey did not record the footage, then who did and how did it wind up on his Instagram page? There are actually quite a few questions like that which should be explored.

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The most obvious problem here is the name of the fishing shop. Tucker Carlson and Dan Bailey had their interaction at a place named “Dan Bailey Outdoor Company”. The company released a statement saying that they have no connection to the man named Dan Bailey in the video. Maybe it is just a coincidence that in a town of about 7,000 in the middle of nowhere Montana that a fly-fishing guide just happens to confront Tucker Carlson, on videotape that he did not record, at a shop with the same first and last name as his. The chances of that happening are slim to none, but nonetheless possible.

The problem with coincidences is that when they begin to rack up, the probability of them just being coincidences becomes less and less. Mainstream media outlets refer to Dan Bailey as a fly fishing guide. Information easily accessible online, including his own LinkedIn profile, point him to working for the Federal Government. He is also apparently a board member of The Taimen Fund. Their website lists Dan Bailey as a current or former member of a group called the Asia Foundation. The Asia Foundation is and/or was essentially a front for the CIA. So if Bailey worked for the Asia Foundation, then he worked with and/or for the CIA.

Federal Government agencies harassing Tucker Carlson is not a new thing. Just a few days ago, Tucker revealed that he was being spied on by the NSA. The NSA initially denied the allegations with a tweet. This tweet, by the way, was released at 8:00pm EST sharp, which is when Tucker’s Fox News show begins. It is like the Government is being obvious about what they’re doing. And of course, the NSA’s denial was proven false once an NSA official confirmed that Tucker was indeed spied on. So if a CIA asset showed up to this random fishing shop to confront Tucker, there is no surprise. A pattern of this behavior from the Federal Government already exists.

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Federal employees harassing journalists should send a chill up every sensible person’s spine. This type of behavior is commonplace in third-world countries and also in communist dictatorships like China and North Korea. The United States of America should not tolerate this. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are core values that give America its identity. How much longer will these freedoms exist?


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