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UPDATE: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Sying Allegations Against NSA Confirmed

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s spying allegations against NSA have essentially been confirmed with the revelation of new information. Carlson’s initial allegation was that the NSA spied on him by reading his personal emails. He also said that the NSA had plans to leak these emails to the media. What would the purpose of leaking these emails be? The objective was apparently to smear Tucker Carlson’s reputation and to damage his Fox News show. Soon after the initial allegation of NSA spying was made on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, a reporter in Washington broke news containing private information from Tucker Carlson’s emails. This confirmed Tucker’s initial allegation.


Tucker Carlson claims NSA leaked private emails to journalists | TheHill

Tucker Carlson sought interview with Putin at time of NSA spying claim – Axios

Full transcript of exclusive Putin interview with NBC News’ Keir Simmons

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  1. It’s horrible what has become of our Federal government. Too much power, not enough ethics. Our elected officials need to reel them in now, before we reach a point where there can be no reconciliation.


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