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AOC Says A World Without Police Becomes A Suburb!

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) recently said that a world without police looks like a suburb. Her comments came during a recent virtual Town Hall in which she answered a few questions from her constituents. One of the questions was about the popular far-leftist idea of defunding police. AOC’s answer to that question should not come as a surprise, but it most certainly should send up a few red flags.

Don’t Ignore Silly People in Power

The congresswoman’s answer to the issue of defunding police should not be ignored or overlooked. AOC is in Congress and lawmakers do have power. Especially if the currently fringe idea of abolishing and/or defunding police becomes mainstream. Let’s take a little bit of time to dive into what she said.

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Suburbs are safe because of the type of people that live there. They are not safe because of a lower police presence than inner city areas. Safe neighborhoods do not require large police forces. Inner city and/or more dangerous areas require more police because of the danger that exists there. Removing police will not make dangerous areas safer. If one were to follow that logic train and apply it to other circumstances, then it would make sense to say there would be less fires if the Fire Department were abolished.

Breadcrumb Trail

Fires do not start simply because a Fire Department is present. And in a dry, high heat, low humidity area, fires are more likely to start. Therefore, a larger defense against these types of fires are necessary. Same thing with high elevation, cold areas and snow. These areas require equipment to deal with ice and snow on roads and also potential avalanches in ski resort areas.

If removing police from a dangerous area would make it safer, then that technique would currently be successful in practice. But it is not. Nowhere on Earth has this happened. Some think that this idea works, but they have no proof. Similar to those who think communism, Marxism, socialism, and other non-effective programs work although they have never worked anywhere else throughout history. “Other countries failed communism because they didn’t do it properly” they’ll screech at you from their basement. Well, when does a thing that has failed over and over again actually work?

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Ignorant “Woke” Social Media Celebrities

Ocasio-Cortez is like many other members of Congress and “woke” Twitter users. They pontificate about what low-income communities in the United States need without actually knowing anything about these areas. They have never lived there, don’t truly associate with anyone from there. The most they do is read biased literature that confirms what they think to be true. And that is that everything can be blamed on “poverty” or “the white man” and if you eliminate those two factors, then everything will be fine. That is simply not how that works.

Removing police from dangerous areas simply makes them more dangerous. The criminal element that is somewhat held at bay with a police presence will get the green light to run amok. This has already happened in certain dangerous areas across the country where the idea of defunding police is just in negotiation stages. Imagine what will happen when police are actually defunded. Mass layoffs, slow emergency response time result in more death and chaos.

Only You Can Stop Them

These social media legislators and “woke” folks don’t really care about the side effects. When presented with the results of their failed experiment of removing police, they will simply shift the goal post to racism or some other random grievance topic. They will never take responsibility for the damage their actions cause. And as long as the public continues to vote these “leaders” into power, the cycle will only accelerate from here.

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