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White Mother SHOT and Killed After Saying “All Lives Matter!”

A 24-year-old white mother by the name of Jessica Whitaker was shot and killed after saying “All Lives Matter” to a group of Black Lives Matter supporters in Indianapolis, Indiana on the 4th of July weekend. The story has been told in a variety of ways on different platforms. Details are left out in some versions and details are altered in other versions. What’s generally known about the story is as follows.

At around 3 a.m. after the 4th of July, Jessica Whitaker and her fiance were walking with two friends along the Indianapolis Canal Walk. They then encountered a group of Black Lives Matter supporters and immediately got into a conversation about race. Jessica allegedly said “All Lives Matter” at one point. At another point, someone from Jessica’s group used the “n-word” among themselves, but not at the other group, who were presumably black. The back and forth argument over Black Lives Matter and racial slur usage led to guns coming out on both sides. After that moment, everything appeared to calm down and both groups went their separate ways.

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The Fight Was Not Over

As Jessica Whitaker’s group continued to walk along the canal, the group of BLM supporters they previously encountered emerged from under a bridge in an ambush-style attack. Jessica was shot and killed in the ambush. Her fiance returned fire but did not hit anyone. She leaves behind a three-year-old son named Greyson.


Whitaker is not the first person to die at the hands of Black Lives Matter supporters. There was 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jr. in Seattle, Washington. Then there was 8-year-old Secoriea Turner in Atlanta, Georgia. Many more innocent people, both young and old, have died at the hands of people that support the hateful and divisive group known as Black Lives Matter.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, July 15th, no suspects have been arrested in relation to Jessica Whitaker’s death. There is a video of the incident, but it comes from a far-away camera and it’s difficult to see much of anything. A GoFundMe was started for the family for final expenses and for the care of her young son.


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