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Nick Cannon FIRED By ViacomCBS Over Anti-Semitic Remarks!

Nick Cannon, the host of MTV’s “Wild-N-Out” and FOX’s “The Masked Singer,” was fired by ViacomCBS over anti-semitic comments made on his podcast “Cannon’s Class.” Professor Griff, formerly of Public Enemy, was his guest on the podcast episode in question. Griff was fired by Chuck D in the 1990s for anti-semitic remarks.

Cannon and Professor Griff spoke about African Americans being the “true” Jews and that “white” Jews have stolen their birthright. They also spoke about the thirteen families, the Rothschilds, central banking, and more fringe anti-semitic concepts.

When “Wokeness” Goes Wrong

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ViacomCBS issued a statement saying that they spoke to Cannon about the anti-semitic remarks in the podcast. They were disappointed that he did not acknowledge his remarks as anti-semitic or apologize for them. So they decided to cut all ties with him, effective immediately. The 15-year-running show that Cannon hosts, Wild-N-Out, was pulled from television almost instantly. Rather than showing a 4am re-run of the show, an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was aired in its place.

Nick Cannon didn’t stop his racially-charged attacks at Jewish people. He also spoke very harshly of whites. The rapper and television host said that whites are damaged by the sun due to a lack of melanin, so they behave out fear. And he said that fear makes them rob, steal, rape, and kill in order to survive. Cannon also referred to whites as “savages” and “barbaric” due to living in tough environments like the “Nordic mountains” and the Caucuses in Central Asia.

Anti-White Racism Is Apparently Fine

If Cannon’s comments were just focused on white people, then there wouldn’t be a big issue. It is, unfortunately, socially acceptable to attack white people in a racial manner. Not much kickback ever comes from that. That same concept does not work the other way around… from white to black. As a matter of fact, if a white person made the same types of racially charged comments that Cannon said about whites about blacks instead, then they would be considered the equivalent of David Duke.

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Maybe Nick Cannon thought the same thing would apply to Jewish people. He found out, the hard way, that it most certainly does not. ViacomCBS is owned by Sumner Redstone and his family, who are Jewish. They do not play the “turn the other cheek” game.


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Nick Cannon fired by ViacomCBS over anti-Semitic podcast remarks

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  1. Nice to know that if he had only focused his remarks about the white people he would still have a job (sarcasm)!! This hate is never going to end as long as we allow hate for any group of people!!

  2. The Cross is the Equalizer. All fall short of the glory of God, whether we are white, black, red, yellow, etc. God doesn’t care about skin color or whether someone is Jewish. What He cares about is that we embrace the salvation His Son offered by willingly dying on the Cross and rising again so that we could be forgiven for our awful sinfulness and live eternally with Him! Know Christ as your Savior, and you will know peace, regardless of what happens in this world. Have the attitude of a Nick Cannon and your hateful mindset will send you straight to hell. It is your choice. God does not play.

  3. Birth Right you have been in the rabbit hole too long my brother there is no one or group that has any birth right on this planet this is like saying now that man can fly all birds must give up there ability to do so. And the melanin thing is another giant load of crap. I was born white when i tan i look darker then a lot of (blacks) an other races that came out on the darker side of skin tone. Am I one of the chosen children of this soul brotherhood. I think not, I as you and everyone are people of this world some good some bad and everything in between. you say they are the controllers maybe in some way, but what are you doing the same thing as them. What is your goal when speaking like this to open hearts and minds or to get others on a side your side for what to take power from another like you say they do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely Same goes for EGO / And back to birth rite if GOD gave it there could be NO ONE who could take it away. But do i belive you should be fired no given a opportunity to apologias yes.

  4. This is 2020. People do not have discussions like this. Not to themselves or anyone else. I am embarrassed that I live in a society where an entertainer for television can speak and appear convinced of himself and share such BS and crazy hatred. I watched you on my TV with adoration and enthusiasm. I didn’t realize behind your beautiful smile were ugly devising thoughts regarding skin. Deeply disturbing. So disappointed. Instead of using your talent and platform to promote harmony and unity, you use it to divide? Sadly noted.

  5. What Nick said about white people is ridiculous. But he is absolutely correct about the Rothchilds and other European Jews (including Jews in America who came from Europe). The Arab people are Semites. Arabs and Biblical Jews were rooted in the same Semitic populations in the Middle East, and so looked the same.
    Rabbis do not marry outside their religion. Therefore, had European Jews originated in the Middle East, rabbis today would still look like the Arabs. Yet, look at any European or American rabbi and you won’t mistake them for being an Arab.
    Also, Shlomo Sand, a historian at Hebrew University, researched the period when the Jews were supposedly kicked out of their land, and could not find any documentary evidence of that event, nor of their supposed emigration to and establishment in European lands. He wrote a book about his findings in “The Invention of the Jewish People”. Also, a few years ago, geneticists, including an Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli, compared the genes of Ashkenazi (European) Jews with those of non-Jewish Europeans and with Middle Eastern people, and determined that Ashkenazi Jews have little genetic commonality with Middle Easterners, and much more in common with non-Jewish Europeans. Therefore, European Jews are not Semites. Zionist Jewish leaders want us to believe they are Semites to legitimize their claim that the Palestinian land was originally theirs. That is why they call anyone criticizing them and Israel “antisemitic” instead of “anti-Jew”.

  6. This is what is known as Negro-ism.
    Where black people lack the Self Esteem, the Self Awareness and lack of knowledge of their own History, that they tend to agree with each other on false facts and theories simply because they are black, and share this false theories among themselves as cultural misinformation. There may be some blacks Jews today, but Black people were never considered the Jewish people as a whole, they were never the “children of Isreal”. The Jews have clearly brainwashed Black people very well. They grasp at any social theory they can construct to benefit them, in an attempt to build some kind of cultural identity for themselves, filled with misinformation.

    There is also NO scientific proof that Melanin grants any special physical or spiritual attributes or abilities, this is another piece of cultural misinformation blacks love to believe about themselves for some reason.
    But if you try to educate or inform them of this fact, they will no doubt call you racist, for not letting them believe myths.

  7. Lol sorry it came out like that, but this is your true history folks 😂😂😂 Love you Nick ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾


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