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Nick Cannon FIRED By ViacomCBS Over Anti-Semitic Remarks!

Nick Cannon, the host of MTV’s “Wild-N-Out” and FOX’s “The Masked Singer,” was fired by ViacomCBS over anti-semitic comments made on his podcast “Cannon’s Class.” Professor Griff, formerly of Public Enemy, was his guest on the podcast episode in question. Griff was fired by Chuck D in the 1990s for anti-semitic remarks.

Cannon and Professor Griff spoke about African Americans being the “true” Jews and that “white” Jews have stolen their birthright. They also spoke about the thirteen families, the Rothschilds, central banking, and more fringe anti-semitic concepts.

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When “Wokeness” Goes Wrong

ViacomCBS issued a statement saying that they spoke to Cannon about the anti-semitic remarks in the podcast. They were disappointed that he did not acknowledge his remarks as anti-semitic or apologize for them. So they decided to cut all ties with him, effective immediately. The 15-year-running show that Cannon hosts, Wild-N-Out, was pulled from television almost instantly. Rather than showing a 4am re-run of the show, an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was aired in its place.

Nick Cannon didn’t stop his racially-charged attacks at Jewish people. He also spoke very harshly of whites. The rapper and television host said that whites are damaged by the sun due to a lack of melanin, so they behave out fear. And he said that fear makes them rob, steal, rape, and kill in order to survive. Cannon also referred to whites as “savages” and “barbaric” due to living in tough environments like the “Nordic mountains” and the Caucuses in Central Asia.

Anti-White Racism Is Apparently Fine

If Cannon’s comments were just focused on white people, then there wouldn’t be a big issue. It is, unfortunately, socially acceptable to attack white people in a racial manner. Not much kickback ever comes from that. That same concept does not work the other way around… from white to black. As a matter of fact, if a white person made the same types of racially charged comments that Cannon said about whites about blacks instead, then they would be considered the equivalent of David Duke.

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Maybe Nick Cannon thought the same thing would apply to Jewish people. He found out, the hard way, that it most certainly does not. ViacomCBS is owned by Sumner Redstone and his family, who are Jewish. They do not play the “turn the other cheek” game.


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