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Kenosha Wisconsin On Fire After Police Shooting of Black Man

A 29-year old black man named Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin after they responded to a domestic dispute on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020. Video of the incident surfaced on social media. The footage shows Blake ignoring commands from police officers. Blake instead, with an officer’s gun drawn on him, decides to go to his parked car and reach inside. At that point, Blake was shot several times by at least one officer. He is in serious, but stable condition at a nearby hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin awaiting arraignment.

According to early reports, Jacob Blake had an active warrant for his arrest that included sexual assault, criminal trespassing, and several counts of domestic violence.

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An article from September of 2015 details some of Blake’s prior criminal offenses aside from the current warrant which includes resisting arrest resulting in soft-tissue injury to a police officer, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, and disorderly conduct. Early reports also suggest that police were called on Blake specifically because he was not supposed to be at the location where he ultimately got shot.

Violent riots started in Kenosha as soon as footage of the shooting hit the internet. One officer was hit directly in his head and knocked out cold by a brick thrown by a so-called “protester.”

It’s interesting that so much energy is given to find “justice” for a man with several active warrants that was clearly resisting arrest… but not so much energy given to truly innocent people. Bernell Tramell was shot and actually killed just 45 minutes away from Kenosha in Milwaukee. No large-scaled riots or protests happened in the name of Mr. Trammell. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA may say they care about black lives, but it’s become crystal clear that only certain black lives meet the necessary criteria.

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