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Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Supreme Court Will Break Up Clarence Thomas’s Interracial Marriage

Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” attacks Clarence Thomas over his interracial marriage during a live taping. The context of said attack was the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down Roe V. Wade. Articles have surfaced attempting to decipher Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion. These articles suggest that Thomas would like to see other landmark decisions also get rescinded such as Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965 which discusses the right to access contraception.

“The View” discuss such cases in black-and-white term with zero room for grey area. This is the complete opposite of how court case decisions that make precedent operate. The “grey area” is how one decision, such as Loving vs. Virginia which outlawed racial discrimination in marriage, was interpreted to bolster gay marriage. Speaking of “Loving”, Whoopi Goldberg alluded to that particular case being rescinded, therefore affecting Clarence Thomas’s own marriage to a white woman. Even if Loving was rescinded, it would simply return to a states’ rights issue just the same as abortion.

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Interracial marriage would not be outlawed by the Federal Government because the Federal Government would not be able to control it. Furthermore, no states would actually try to ban interracial marriage. With the advent of DNA, it would be nearly impossible to even define what each particular race is when it comes to criminal action that would be levied against someone who violated a ban on interracial marriage. And there is no actual need to ban marriage among different races. Abortion is an animal of an entirely different color due to the life-and-death implications it has.


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