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Failed Human Smuggling Attempt Claims 50 Lives In Hot Texas Trailer

A failed attempt at human smuggling claimed the lives of at least 50 people who were abandoned in a very hot semi-truck trailer in Texas. Nearly a dozen more people are currently in local hospitals fighting for their lives. The migrants were found inside the trailer near San Antonio after being stuck there for a while. There was no air conditioning or water for anyone to drink and hydrate themselves. All of the deceased and hospitalized were burning hot to the touch. Police say they have suspects in custody but it is not yet known if this failed smuggling operation is part of a larger scheme such as a Mexican drug cartel operation.


At Least 46 Migrants Found Dead in San Antonio – The New York Times

50 dead after trailer of migrants abandoned in Texas heat

At least 50 migrants found dead inside a truck in San Antonio, officials say

Fifty migrants found dead inside abandoned Texas trailer truck | Texas | The Guardian

‘A Horrific Human Tragedy’: 50 Migrants Dead in Abandoned Trailer – Rolling Stone

46 dead after trailer carrying migrants found in San Antonio – POLITICO

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