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US Senate Candidate Colludes With Prison Inmate To Install Fake Conservatives In SC GOP

US Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews colluded with prison inmate David Solomon Ballard to install fake conservatives in South Carolina’s GOP party. She expressed concern over politics in South Carolina not changing in favor of the Democrats like herself unless things were done this way. Matthews had the bright idea to call Ballard on the phone while he was incarcerated at the Perry Correctional Institution.

So, of course, the entire conversation was recorded as is protocol in any jail or prison. She discussed a variety of different topics and/or ideas including ways to raise more money for her own campaign. Receiving “dope boy money” was an idea set forward to raise more money. Matthews also said that some guys wearing all black should be sent out to remove yard signs of opposing candidates.

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  1. Yet another dumb af black person with a tiny smidgeon of power using it to cheat and steal for personal wealth and anti-non-black racist sociopolitical ideologies – to further increase personal wealth. Just another in a long line of opportunistic ex-slave native indian and hawaiian exterminating and enslaving buffalo soldier hypocrite “nigga” scum to further destroy the USA.


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