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Why Kamala Harris IS the DNC’S Trojan Horse

Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris don't quite agree on the policies they support. In fact, it appears as if Harris has more of an idea of how the White House should be run.

American voters are a week away from Election Day 2020, yet Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has yet to reveal a clear plan should he be elected. What’s more concerning is that he and his running mate Kamala Harris, don’t quite agree on the policies they support. In fact, it appears as if Harris — who was rated the most liberal senator — has more of an idea of how the White House should be run.

During the 60 Minutes interview with Norah O’Donnell, Harris laughs her way through tough questions about her support of the radial left-wing proposition H. RES. 109 also known as the Green New Deal. Also included as part of the California Senator’s wishlist are Medicare for All and the legalization of marijuana. Interestingly enough, Biden does not support any of those issues. In a normal presidential campaign, V.P. candidates tend to walk in lockstep with their running partners, helping to enforce and elucidate proposed policies introduced by the presidential candidate. So how is this possible?

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This may as well be a “Harris-Biden” ticket. While Biden fumbles his pandering to black voters with a free education pitch, Harris appears to have her ideal White House in mind. And should these two receive the nomination, we can expect Sleepy Joe to take a nap while Harris becomes the ringleader of a communist circus that’ll have once been our country.

See, Kamala is the DNC’s Trojan Horse (Donkey). Being from the radical left, no one wanted her during the 2020 presidential primary. But the DNC, like angry moms, is going to force feed us this failed presidential candidate. Biden — who won the democratic primary fair and square (?) is merely Kamala’s beard. And if she’s open about supporting those three policies, voters can expect for her to roll in more terrible liberal ideas that are so bad that we will be wishing for the America of yesteryear.

What we can summarize from the 60 Minutes interview is this: voters can no longer support the candidate that they like or relate to, but must rally behind a candidate who won’t run this nation into the ground with tax-heavy policies to favor their globalist handlers. With American jobs, a roaring economy and prosperity for Black Americans in the balance, voters must push this Trojan Horse back where it came from.

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