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Chelsea Handler Says 50 Cent CAN’T Vote Trump Because He’s Black!

Comedian and former talk show host Chelsea Handler attacked her former boyfriend and media mogul 50 Cent over his support of President Donald Trump. During an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s late show, Handler “reminded” 50 Cent that he is black. She also said that because he is black, then he cannot vote for Trump. Chelsea Handler’s comments come on the heels of back-and-forth tweeting between 50 Cent and herself over the same issue.

Chelsea Handler’s comments are nothing short of racist. And unfortunately, her viewpoint is not all that uncommon on the left side of the aisle. It is not fair to say that the majority of liberal-leaning people are racist, but there are a large number of racists on the left. Most of these leftist racists think that they are doing what’s best for non-whites. Chelsea Handler even said “Black Lives Matter” in a tweet. But the irony of Handler’s pro-BLM tweet is that she was attacking 50 Cent for voting Trump simultaneously.

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Black conservatives are often verbally attacked on social media and accused of “trying to please the white man”. The reality is that most of the racist abuse that black conservatives get comes from white people online. The Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee himself, Joe Biden, is one of the chief offenders. Biden’s infamous “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” comments were not only an attack on the black community but a direct attack on the black host he was speaking to.

50 Cent does not appear moved by Chelsea’s shaming attacks on Twitter or her racist tirade on television. He even made a joke of one of her tweets by saying that his “love life” is now affected by supporting Trump. More and more black celebrities, politicians, and regular people are coming out in support of Donald Trump. People of all colors that had never voted for a Republican before are now voting straight-ticket red. And much of this new conversion to the right has come as a result of crazy leftist policies and ridiculous leftist people like Chelsea Handler.


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