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Young Americans Baffled By Simple Questions During Street Interview

Fleccas Talks and Justin Awad recently collaborated on a video where Justin asked random strangers on the streets trivia questions. These questions ranged in topic from basic facts about Geography to the directions on a compass. These people appeared to be very young, possibly partygoers, around the age of 20 or so. One of the most basic questions was what two countries border the United States. Everyone was stumped, with the exception of a couple of people who at least mentioned Canada (but not Mexico for some odd reason). Some people would say that these types of videos are heavily edited and cherry-picked for shock value and clicks. Others will say that this is simply the education level of the average young person in the United States.


UNREAL: Young Americans Show How Little Common Knowledge They Have! – YouTube

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  1. Let’s be real, it is most definitely the education level of average 21st century Americans. Whats it again, only 5% of Americans hold a passport? Something like that. Just goes to show how ignorant, self centered and just plain stupid Americans are. 3ew0The public school system is a pathetic joke in terms of education and any number of other factors. Why anyone sends their kid to public school in the USA is beyond me. Folks, its a lost cause and heres the proof.

  2. Watching this makes me cringe. the cheesy af dbag guy asking questions and the dumb af, interestingly only white, 21st century americans. but hey we got gay marriage and leagal weed and guns! Freedom! USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! Yes! Get’n mine! Enjoy! YEEEhaw!

  3. Fun but embarrassing to the n’th degree! Thanks for the link & commentary. 🙂

    Cold War: Over a million Ethnic Germans died for a start when they were forced out of Eastern Europe.

    Darien Gap not Panama Canal, too, but absolutely certain you do way better than the vast majority of population.

    So…. Still one person, one vote, or in favor of earning additional votes depending on knowledge, contribution to taxes, etc., yet? 😉


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