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AOC Tests Positive For The Virus After Maskless Miami Vacation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC has tested positive for the virus after her maskless trip to Miami, Florida with her boyfriend. The far-leftist politician from New York has been part of a vocal group defending harsh restrictions and mandates within the Government. She has not spoken out against Bill de Blasio nor Eric Adams for the strict mandates in New York City where she represents. AOC and her ilk have criticized states like Florida and Governors like Ron DeSantis for their loose virus regulations. The hypocrisy with AOC has reached its peak due to her current medical status.

As soon as pictures of a maskless AOC (alongside her also maskless boyfriend) surfaced online, social media and conservative media leaped into a frenzy. A handful of people criticized her boyfriend for his ridiculously pale feet in sandals. AOC chose to ignore the obvious hypocrisy of her maskless dining and dancing with giant drag queens and other popular LGBTQ+ figures. Instead, the New York House Rep decided to attack those who criticized her boyfriend’s feet as being upset that they “couldn’t date” her. This was a clear deflection of her critics’ main point. However, now that AOC has the virus, she can’t really do anything else other than remaining quiet.

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The media will most certainly protect AOC from any criticism by refusing to report on the story at all. Attacking the critics themselves won’t work this time because the main thing the left preaches – getting vaxed and wearing masks – AOC refused to do. Well, at least part of it. They will support her for getting vaxed but ignore the maskless part. And if that actually happens, then the media cannot criticize maskless people anymore. Any leverage or credibility that the media and establishment politicians have left has been slowly fading away for a long time. Events like AOC catching the virus while maskless in Miami take huge chunks out of it.


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