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SOURCE: Joy Reid May Lose Her MSNBC Show This Spring

A trusted source within Comcast says that Joy Reid may lose her MSNBC show as early as this spring. Rumors have been flying about the “Reidout” host and her show for months now. Ratings have suffered (as they have throughout mainstream media) and the higher-ups have been trying things to reverse that trend. None of the efforts appear to be working. MSNBC is slated to announce “program shuffling” that will affect her 7pm timeslot which will leave Reid without a show at all. And of course, there is another issue from Reid’s past that is currently haunting her.

Joy Reid was exposed for writing “homophobic” passages in her blog and on social media. The posts date back to about ten years ago. The age of the posts don’t matter much at all to people who would watch and support Joy Reid. After all, these are the same people who placed Christine Blasey Ford on the front cover of Time Magazine. It didn’t even matter that her ages-old allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were false. Her allegations fit a narrative and aided in a goal. That’s all that mattered. Joy Reid now finds herself attacked by that same weapon.

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The Comcast source says that Joy Reid’s allies over at COMCAST and MSNBC will defend her up until the announcement that her show is over. This is the same dog and pony show that CNN put on right before Chris Cuomo was suspended and ultimately fired. Cuomo became useless to the company after his brother was disgracefully removed from the office of Governor of New York. Joy Reid has also become useless and “unmanageable”. Accusing a black woman of disobedience may be a cardinal sin for anyone on the right but the left doesn’t operate in the same fashion. “Offensive phrases” are generally a one-way street and double standards do not exist when speaking about leftists. Especially leftists in the mainstream media.


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