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AOC Town Hall Descends Into Complete Chaos After Protests Ensue

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (AOC) hosted a town hall for her constituents in Corona, Queens that quickly descended into chaos. This event quickly descended into chaos when a few people blurted out very direct questions for the popular US House Rep. AOC is famous for focusing on issues that pertain to the Federal Government within the Washington D.C. beltway instead of focusing on the issues of her district.

A prime example is her talk about the debt limit ceiling during the Town Hall. This is an issue that US House Democrats feel passionate about because they want to spend until their heart’s content. However, wasteful spending on the federal level does not necessarily help her constituents.

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Many people in the town hall meeting shouted things about the current migrant crisis in New York City as well as the out-of-control spending. Anti-AOC signs were dotted throughout the crowd.

These people let their grievances be heard. The only issue is that these individuals were clearly outnumbered by at least six to one. As long as the liberal left has a strong hold over New York when it comes to the people, the politicians will reflect the ideology of the people. And when the city ultimately collapses (literally or figuratively) under its own weight, these people will simply migrate to the next proverbial village to ravage.


“You’re a Piece of Sh*t!” – AOC’s Town Hall Meeting Descends into Chaos as New Yorkers Express Frustration with Democrat Policies (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

“American Citizens Before Migrants!” Heckler at AOC TOWNHALL in Corona Queens – YouTube

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