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Ben Shapiro Argues For An Older Retirement Age

Daily Wire co-founder and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro says the retirement age of 65 in the United States is too young. He makes his case by stating that the life expectancy of Americans was 63 when FDR first created retirement entitlements. Fast forward to 2024, and Americans’ life expectancy is closer to 80. Shapiro says that such a model of entitlement is fiscally irresponsible and unsustainable. Furthermore, Shapiro says that most Americans should not retire at such a young age for health reasons. His comments sparked a furious backlash on social media, with many saying that Shapiro was out of touch with regular people in the United States. Others say that he has a point since the average 65-year-old today is drastically different than in 1940.


Media Matters on X: “Ben Shapiro on Medicare and Social Security: “No one in the United States should be retiring at 65 years old. Frankly, I think retirement itself is a stupid idea unless you have some sort of health problem.”″ / X

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