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Snoop Dogg ATTACKS Black Conservatives Online!

The rapper known as Snoop Dogg attacked black conservatives on his Instagram page with a picture labeled “The Coon Bunch.” The picture featured Terrence Williams, Candace Owens, Herman Cain, David Harris, Jr, Angela Stanton King, Paris Dennard, Darrell Scott, Hodge Twins, Diamond & Silk, and a picture of a raccoon with the word “Massa” underneath it.

What Does It Mean?

In the black community, the word “coon” is used in the pejorative to attack non-liberal blacks. The prevailing thought behind those that use the word is that conservative blacks do not like themselves, or other black people, so they want to attack them. They also think that conservative blacks simply want to please “the white man,” whoever that may be.

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Snoop is known as a hardcore leftist and anti-Trump personality online and off. This shift in attitude towards the President only happened after he became President. Before 2015, Snoop had appeared on television with Donald Trump. He took pictures and shook hands with the man. Never was there an issue between Trump and Snoop until the election.

Snoop himself would be on the “Coon Bunch” list if he did not simply move with the wave of the entertainment industry and turn his back on his friend Donald Trump.

Music Industry Politics

Kanye West is a person who never turned his back on Donald Trump. He has worn the MAGA hat. His wife, Kim Kardashian, works closely with the administration. He should be on the “Coon Bunch” list as well. But Snoop is still in the music industry. He still has to navigate Hollywood. So he doesn’t want to burn that bridge. He is only comfortable burning bridges that he thinks he won’t ever have to cross.

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Not The Response He Wanted

The responses from Snoop’s fans and other people on Instagram to the post in question are simply hilarious. Comment after comment feature some version of “Trump 2020” and general disagreement with Snoop on the picture. Some people even brought up Snoop’s past – alluding to cooperating with the Government to get out of jail (snitching). They also bring up how he was a friend of Trump in the not-so-distant past. As well as his cooking show with Martha Stewart.

The reality of that picture is that it shows brave Americans who stand for what’s right rather than what the majority of their extended peer and/or racial group may think. All black conservatives should strive to be recognized that way by ignorant people who stand on the side of evil. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.


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