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Brave Black Christian Woman Bevelyn Beatty WRECKS BLM Mural!

A black Christian woman by the name of Bevelyn Beatty led a single-person protest against the Black Lives Matter (BLM) “mural” on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower. The “mural” is the now-typical giant yellow letters painted on the ground that says “Black Lives Matter.” She took a few buckets of black paint and poured them on top of the yellow paint while saying “re-fund the Police” (as opposed to de-fund) and also “Jesus Matters.”


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She was arrested by NYPD for “criminal mischief” but was released soon after due to New York having a “no cash bail” system in effect. Usually, that system works against law and order, but this time it worked perfectly. Beatty spoke highly of the police that arrested her and of her brief period of time in custody.

One NYPD officer slipped and fell in the black paint she was smearing over the “BLM mural.” He hit his head and arm pretty hard on the pavement and went to the hospital as per protocol, but he checked out and is fine.

Re-Fund Police!

The “de-fund police movement” that Beatty speaks out against is causing a mass exodus of officers by way of retirement and quitting. And since police funds are dwindling, it’s nearly impossible to hire officers to replace those that have left the force. Less police means a more dangerous black community. Which totally goes against the literal meaning of “Black Lives Matter.”

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Beatty has been showered with praise from all walks of life all over the country for her bravery. She did not just throw paint on top of the 5th Avenue Manhattan BLM “mural.” As soon as she was released, she took a trip to Harlem and Bronx to do the same thing. Some people, of course, criticized her for “vandalizing” the “mural.” But it’s difficult to label the act of throwing paint on the ground on top of other paint on the ground as “vandalism.”

Method to the “Madness”

Her reasoning behind “defacing” the “murals” is very simple. “Black Lives Matter” has anti-black messaging. It is also anti-American and anti-God. Bevelyn is a Christian woman who takes her faith very seriously. So when an organization comes along that seeks to destroy Western culture – which includes the Church and the nuclear family structure – that is going to be an issue she feels passionately about protesting against.



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  1. Thank you Bevelyn Beatty for speaking out. I believe that as a white male and 59 years old I can’t say anything because I will be persecuted. I am now going to speak out πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ˜₯ I am praying for you and our nation we are all family and we need peace βœοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡

  2. Thank you for showing us this video I’m so proud of her and she’s my hero too!
    Keep it going Beverlyn!!!
    #God is Good
    #Jesus Saves

    God Bless the USA!

  3. Thanks for exposing the evil, that is the great lie Beverly!! God bless you as you serve the living God. Jesus matters for sure!!πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. Common sense conservatives! Thank God!
    “To anger a conservative, Lie to him. To anger a liberal, Tell him the Truth -Teddy Roosevelt

  5. I have to say that you and your YouTube stories hits me deep and I have total respect for you and the others that think and share the same belief. Please continue and I’ll also say the as the writers of our constitution that stands behind you, We The People.
    Thank you ABL

    God Bless America

  6. I have you in my prayers Bevelyn, may God watch over you and keep you safe. You are so brave, if only others had 1/10th your bravery, (me) we can stand together and start a new movement, God Loves All. Please be safe lovely lady.

  7. GOD IS PROTECTING YOU BEVELYN!!! GOD IS PROUD OF YOU MY SISTER. PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE. Thank you, Anthony Bryan Logan, for your support πŸ™ and showing the truth πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ to people…
    “God loves all.”
    God knows no color.
    Love knows no color.
    We ALL are family in Gods eyes.
    “God loves all.”
    Amen. πŸ™

    Thank you. For all that you do.

    Chicago, IL

  8. Ms. Bevelyn Beatty is certainly a brave Christian woman. She certainly puts DeBlasio to shame in every way!
    This is the ONLY good news story that I’ve seen in weeks.
    Thanks ABL!

  9. I would love to see the look on main stream so called media and liberal left I can only imagine ” dam she’s black so we can’t cry racism , white privilege, Trump’s fault because racist … hmm how do we spin it I know don’t show it or speak about it” to all spread the my daughter and I have been trying to inform about the true BLM agenda and inform about BLEXIT and the facts and history how racist the demoncrap party truly is . ABL keep up the work props to Bev

  10. Anthony, I hope that PayPal link is hers, I saw a video where someone was accepting donations in her name on Twitter & she said she doesn’t ask for money. I sent money to that PayPal link yesterday when you put it up in one of your videos and I want to make sure it goes to her.


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