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RT DEBATE: Are Cities Serious About Their Promises Of Reparations?

The Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, and the City Council of Asheville, North Carolina have promised to deliver reparations to black residents of their respective cities. Actually, neither city has actually promised reparations. What they have promised are “studies” and “panels” to figure out what reparations actually look like, who’ going to be eligible, and where the money will come from to pay for it all.

Jorge Elorza, the Mayor of Providence, directly said that any questions about specifics of reparations are the be asked at another day and time. Asheville’s city council said that whatever dollar amount that is spent on reparations will never manifest itself as direct cash payments to black residents. Anyone with a clear mind can see that the aforementioned cities are simply providing lip service and empty promises due to the tense racial climate in the country.

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Empty promises are nothing new for the Democratic party. Every single election cycle, Democratic candidates parade around in black and/or low-income areas with the same old tired promises that they never deliver on. The concept of reparations isn’t even as much a promise as it is a nebulous talking point with no clear and defined goal.

When speaking of other special-interest groups, like LGBT and illegal aliens, Democrats are crystal clear. Leftists lobbyists actively fight to achieve gay marriage, the ability to change gender even on a birth certificate, access to cheap HIV medication, and more. When it comes to illegal aliens, court cases are fought every single day to keep DACA alive and the border wall dead. When it comes to reparations? Crickets. No court action, no legislation, nothing but empty promises.


US mayor of Providence, RI launches reparations process | News | Al Jazeera

Asheville NC Approves Slavery Reparations For Black Residents! | Anthony Brian Logan

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  1. Dude…How you were able to control yourself as homegirl spit venom at America was admirable. Funny thing, the woman herself has benefitted from hardwork to get where she is…which is the recipe for success in this country. This is pandering to the base and will end up driving folks from the cities, and those same cities will devolve into crap. She mentioned homeownership. Correct me if I;m wrong, but even if a person was born im Africa, live in AfricA, they wouldn’t be garanteed a house. You have to put the work in and go get it…that’s the American Dream. Oh and remember the Housing Bubble when it burst? Government tried to help people get into housing and guess what? Trouble that wreaked havoc on the financial institutions. Clown-Chick spoke of sustemic racism at the hands of America, why doean’t she go after the SLAVE TRADERS from Africa and their descendents.

  2. She was so uninformed reading a script given to her by a liberal left demoncraps speech writer and towards the end contradicted herself you shot her down so hard she had to keep looking at the script I was waiting for her to start studdering


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