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UPDATE On St. Louis “Ken and Karen” Couple: The Husband Speaks Out!

Mark McCloskey, who was in the viral video with his wife Patricia McCloskey using guns to protect their St. Louis mansion from a horde of “protesters,” has spoken out to deliver his side of the story behind the video.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Mainstream media have already given their side. Without asking Mark or his wife, of course. They appear to ignore all facts of the situation and simply describe the couple as racist and intolerant of other’s belief systems. The media also essentially label the couple as heretics for being hostile towards “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protesters.

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Whatever political affiliation or group a dangerous mass of people fall under is irrelevant. At a certain point, all that matters is safety.

Truth Is Not Stranger Than Fiction

Mark McCloskey appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to give the real story. A group of dozens, if not hundreds, of people descended upon the McCloskey’s property in an attempt to reach the Mayor’s house and “protest” against him for whatever random grievance they’d concocted. They were loud, screaming, violent, and off-center.

The McCloskeys had been watching the local news and witnessing all of the violent so-called “protests” across St. Louis. One thing they noticed is the lack of police. The lack of any assistance. Especially in the unbridled riot that claimed the life of 77-year-old retired police Captain David Dorn.

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So when the McCloskeys were preparing for dinner on the evening of the viral video, and they looked up to notice a horde of angry people pouring through their previously locked gate, they understood that they were on their own. No police were going to show up even though they called them, and the private security that patrols the area were gone.

Their best bet was to grab the weapons that they’ve probably never even handled let alone used, go outside, and protect their property. Which is what they did.

Will There Be Retribution?

Race is an irrelevant point to make here because the McCloskeys work closely with black clients as lawyers. Probably Pro-Bono as well. Don’t be surprised to see their clients speak out in favor of them on television. A radical State’s District Attorney Kimberly Gardner wants to throw the book at the McCloskeys. But the videotape doesn’t lie.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work, common sense, and in depth analysis. I have enjoyed reading your articles and watching your videos. I am from St Louis and this story about rich couple seems to be ongoing and very troublesome for anyone who respects the rights to private property. It appeared to me that the HOA (home owners association) of Portland place were bullied and intimidated into condemning “Ken and Karen”. It would appear likely to me that fear of reprisal from “protesters” was main driving force for couples neighbors to become complicit/complacent in criminalizing self defense. Thanks again for being so enjoyable. Peace!


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