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CNN+ Shuts Down After Just Three Weeks, Staffers Sent Scrambling

The paid streaming service spinoff of CNN, known as CNN+, shuts down after just three weeks of operation. CNN+ was the brainchild of former CNN executive Jeff Zucker. The plan was to have original programming from the likes of Don Lemon and former Fox News host Chris Wallace. However, after spending over $300 to $400 million in starting the streaming service, and just three weeks of existence, CNN+ has folded. This decision has sent staffers scrambling and put them into an angry state. The folding of CNN+ has been labeled as a “disaster” internally, according to sources. However, those who are on the outside looking in could have seen this move coming a mile away. CNN is no longer a popular network, nor is it as credible as it was back in its glory days of the 90s.


CNN+ Streaming Service Will Shut Down Weeks After Its Start – The New York Times

CNN+ shutdown leaves axed staffers ‘aghast and furious’

Chris Wallace and Other CNN+ Hosts Are Jockeying for Broadcast Slots as Streamer Implodes

Trump’s anti-CNN tweet originated from Reddit’s largest right-wing extremist forum – Vox

Ellie Smith on Twitter: “PSA if you’re going to tweet something snarky about CNN+, hundreds of journalists and technicians who did nothing but work their tails off just had the rug pulled out from under them. So be kind.” / Twitter

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