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DC Mayor Enacts State Of Emergency Over Bus Loads Of Illegal Aliens Coming From Southern Border

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has enacted a state of emergency due to a flood of illegal aliens coming from Texas and Arizona. The city is only dealing with about five thousand illegals at once which pales in comparison to the volume that crosses the Southern Border every day. However, DC is clearly unwilling to deal with the issue even if it is a fraction of what places get. And speaking of border towns, a DC city council member said that the Governors of Texas and New Mexico have essentially turned DC into a border town. Texas Governor Greg Abbott purposefully sent buses with illegal aliens on them to DC in a strategic way. The purpose was to shove the problem of illegal immigration into the faces of the DC elite. And, according to the state of emergency that Muriel Bowser has announced, it appears to be working.


DC Mayor Bowser declares public emergency over thousands of bussed migrants

Migrants arriving in D.C. on buses declared a public emergency by Mayor Bowser – The Washington Post

DC Mayor Declares Public Emergency In Response To Busloads of Immigrants Sent From Texas, Arizona – The Political Insider

DC mayor declares public emergency over migrant arrivals from Arizona and Texas | CNN Politics

D.C. mayor declares public emergency in response to migrant buses – POLITICO

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  1. dont ya just love how illegals are allowed to walk right in and given care and benefits not even natural born citizens receive. imagine being poor and married to someone overseas with children involved. they wont be allowed in the country unless your tax records prove your income to above $40,000. and you sign a contract taking full financial responsibility for all of them until adults and then ten years, plus it’ll take 2-3 years before any of them can even step foot in the usa. sounds great.

  2. @Lulu And that isn’t the whole of it. For each person they have to pass a full background check with a totally clean record, provide all sorts of paperwork and documents, go through ridiculous medical exams, in person interviews and the govt. application fees alone are upwards of $3000 each person applying for a visa. Factor in a plane ticket and all told its around $5000 per person just to step foot on American soil. If some pencil pushing twat at an embassy doesn’t like how you’re dressed, denied. Hiring a lawyer to file on your behalf can cost an additional $5000 or more.

    This is why we’re seeing so many people from non-Mexican countries entering through the southern borders. They can be violent criminals with zero familial ties to America and walk right in to open arms and tax funded lives. Its a real racket our govt. is running, and all on our dime.


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