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Don Lemon Responds To Critics Of His Famous “White Men Are Dangerous” Quote

Former CNN anchor Don Lemon has responded to the critics of his famous “white men are the most dangerous in America” quote from 2018. He was asked about the heavily discussed quote on a recent “Iced Coffee Hour” podcast episode. The context in which the question was brought up was a reference to the social media account “End Wokeness” posting about it.

End Wokeness cited the racially charged quote juxtaposed next to a picture of Lemon and his white husband. They highlighted the apparent hypocrisy in his statement with how he lives his everyday life. Such things are expected in media and politics. People proclaim how dangerous and bad white men are while they are white or married to white people.

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Lemon responded to End Wokeness by saying this is another example of “internet brain” and “dunking” on people. In this case, he says he is being targeted because he’s black and gay.


End Wokeness on X: “Don Lemon responds to @EndWokeness calling him out for marrying a white man despite his TV rants against white men: “They want to demonize me!” “It’s because I’m black. I’m gay.”” / X

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