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Dr. Phil Educates “The View” On The Damaging Effect Of COVID Policy On Children

Dr. Phil did a masterful job of educating the women of “The View” about the nation’s COVID-19 policy’s damaging effect on children in school. Phil McGraw appeared on the daytime “political” talk show to promote his new book and primetime television show. McGraw is usually seen on daytime television, where hard-hitting news is typically not the desired format. Since he has a primetime show, his content will shift along with the change in time. Before this most recent appearance on “The View,” McGraw visited the southern border to film an episode about the border crisis.

During Phil McGraw’s appearance on “The View,” he brought up the issue of smartphones changing children’s social lives starting in 2008 or 2009. He stated that kids went from living life to watching others live their lives. Data measuring the happiness and well-being of children all reached record levels of concern immediately after this phenomenon took shape. McGraw segued into COVID-19 and how the policy of school lockdowns created more problems than the cell phone and social media ever could. Children were often forced into homes with abusive parents and no way to reach out for help.

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Dr. Phil received kickback from some of the ladies on the panel, specifically Ana Navarro and Whoopi Goldberg, on his point about COVID-19 policy. They said the policy of lockdown was necessary and helpful because it prevented children from getting sick. McGraw replied with the obvious that children are the least likely to catch the virus and die from it. His response was what many Americans have been thinking for the past four years. The audience applauded.


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