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Dr. Seuss Cancelled By WOKE Virginia School, Called Racist

A Loudon County, Virginia (Washington DC Area) school essentially cancelled Dr. Seuss from its “Read Across America Day” celebration due to “racism”. Read Across America Day is also Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so it makes sense for schools to highlight the author since he has created classic timeless children’s books. Green Eggs & Ham, Cat In The Hat, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and more are staples of every library’s children’s section. Unfortunately, Dr. Seuss himself is apparently not immune from the Woke Mob, not even on his birthday.

At least one study says that of the non-human characters in Dr. Seuss books, 98% of them are white. The same study says that of the remaining 2% of human Dr. Seuss characters, all of them are portrayed as stereotypical and/or in subservient roles. This hs prompted think-pieces to sprout up questioning whether or not Dr. Seuss should be celebrated on this day. There aren’t any apparent attempts to boycott the iconic children’s author as far as engaging in a virtual book-burning, but cancelling the author is nearly the equivalent. Why read books from such a “toxic” person? That would be the far-left woke lunatic argument.

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