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Eric Swalwell Gets Caught Up In The Chinese Honeypot

US House Rep from California Eric Swalwell got himself caught up with a Chinese spy by the name of Christine Fang before and after his initial election to the House in 2013. Swalwell was notified of Fang’s true identity as a spy during an FBI “defensive briefing” in 2015. He says he cut of all ties with her and right around that time, Fang left the country, presumably back to China.

Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, is a Chinese national who came to the United States to attend college back in 2011. Since Fang is now right around 40 years old, she was an on-campus college student at over 30 years old. And Fang was very active in campus life, become President of two Asian organizations on campus. She was also very active in politics locally, befriending nearly every Politico in her area including Eric Swalwell, who was on the City Council of Dublin, California at the time.

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The story may be “debunked” by mainstream media by claiming that Fang did not receive any classified information from Swalwell. That could be true or it could be false. But the objective of a Chinese spy is not as simple as what one may believe from simply watching spy shows on televisions or movies featuring spies. Fang Fang was able to gain influence and position herself as a beloved member of the community. When politicos are around someone like that, their guards are down. They are less likely to prevent a person from knowing them. Which, in the case of Fang, may be all they need to report back to their country of origin.

Fang Fang was able to find out the patterns of people, where they lived, what type of food they ate, and the list goes on. And to touch on the issue of “influence” again… there is, of course, another thing that Fang was apparently good at. And that was striking up romantic relationships with political figures. According to the FBI, Fang had a sexual encounter with at least two different Mayors in the Midwest. One of the encounters happened in a car and was caught on FBI surveillance tape. The other man was much older than her and they were spotted together at a conference back in 2014.

Although Eric Swalwell says he cut off ties with Fang back in 2015 after an FBI defensive briefing (a luxury that the Trump administration did not get back in 2016) its not quite clear if his brother and father cut ties with her. Swalwell’s father “liked” a picture of Fang back in March of this year, 2020. And Fang has been long gone, most likely back to China, for years now. Why would Eric’s father and brother follow her on Facebook if Eric didn’t introduce them to her? Possibly as his girlfriend? Swalwell was married to his *second* wife back in 2016. When did he get married and divorced from his first wife? What was her name? There are a ton of questions here.

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The biggest question of all is the issue of Eric Swalwell being on the House Intelligence Committee. Why would a man who got caught up with a Chinese honeypot, a literal spy, be allowed on the House Intel Committee? Especially as a Freshman Congressman? It is alleged that Nancy Pelosi and other high-ranking House officials knew of the Fang Fang incident before his appointment to the committee. Maybe the idea of Swalwell having a direct line to China worked in his favor? The corruption on the Democratic party is so deep that nothing appears to be out of line to presume anymore.


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