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Viral Video Shows Ridiculous Verbal Altercation Between Parents Over McDonald’s Meal

A video displaying the dispute between a single mother and her son’s father has divided the internet. The mother recorded herself and the father in an attempt to expose him for not being a good father although, according to her, most people say he is. She wanted to highlight the fact that the father comes to her house nearly every day with food for his son, but not for her other three children that are not his. This became a dispute in which they argued for minutes. The father says her other children are not his responsibility while she says he should have brought food for all of her children instead of just his child. The video has gone viral and it has become something that has divided the internet. Some people take the mother’s side, some take the father’s side, and some say both are wrong.


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Baby Mama Scolds Man For Buying Food For His Kid & Not Her Others, Video Goes Viral

Woman Drags Baby Daddy for Bringing McDonald’s to Their Son

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  1. Where to even begin with the sheer idiocy of both of these losers. I mean really, McDonald’s for kids is an early death sentence. Dumb AF “parents” too lazy to go to a store and cook a decent meal. And then we have this delusional mother who thinks because she is a female, presumably that is to say, she calls all the shots. Typical American selective equality bitch who has been environmentally conditioned appeased and emboldened to believe women get the kids, women get the child support, women get the alimony (as if they were married), women get the government financial and legal support and make all the decisions concerning the child, men are forced under the threat of prison time to pay half their salary in support, school fees, medical costs, legal fees etc, and in return get 5 hours with the kid on Sundays? Nigger please. Welcome to America! USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! YES! Get’n mine! Enjoy! Pathetic.


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