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Fauci Apparently Lied About NIH Gain Of Function Research

NIAID director Anthony Fauci apparently lied to, or at least misled, the general public when it comes to NIH “gain of function” research funding. The NIH gave a grant to Ecohealth Alliance who then funded the Wuhan lab in China to create more deadly versions of certain viruses. Interestingly enough, the definition for “gain of function research” has been scrubbed or changed from the NIH website.

The theory is that this research created a “superbug” that escaped the Wuhan lab, devastated the local population, then spread throughout the world. Italy is one of the first places to get hit hard because there are direct flights from Wuhan to Italy. Rand Paul pressed Dr. Fauci on the issue of funding on numerous occasions. Fauci always denied it in a very “lawyerly” way. Vocal opponents of Rand Paul chided him for spreading misinformation. The NIH has now admitted that they funded gain of function research in Wuhan through Ecohealth.

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There is also the issue of cruel experiments performed on beagle puppy dogs funded by NIAID. Beagles were stripped of their vocal cords to prevent them from barking and/or screaming. Their heads were inserted into a box where they were essentially “eaten alive” by insects. At least $375,000 up to $1.8 million in grant money was given to a lab in Tunisia for said cruel experiments.

The Tunisia experiments have been described as “exporting morality” meaning… the money was given to a foreign lab so the cruel experiments could be done offshore where they wouldn’t really be noticed. If the experiments were done here then their disgusting nature would cause moral fallout. Fauci hasn’t had much to say about these experiments although he was very vocal when it comes to denying gain of function research in China.


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