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Former NBA Player Chance Comanche Confesses To Nevada Murder Plot

Former NBA basketball player Chance Comanche has confessed to his role in the death of 23-year-old Maryana Rodgers. Comanche and his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend Sakari Harnden set the woman up. Comanche posed as a “trick” and lured Rodgers to a vehicle where he promised to pay her $1,000 for sex. He said that he liked rough play and bondage, to which Rodgers agreed. Once inside the vehicle, he used zip ties to bind her. At this point, Harnden emerged from the backseat and straddled Rodgers. Comanche wrapped an HDMI cord around Rodgers’s neck while Harnden used her bare hands to strangle the victim. Comanche and Harnden took her body to Henderson, just outside of Las Vegas, dumped her body in a ditch, and covered her with rocks.

Harnden and Rodgers lived together in the past, and, at some point, their relationship frayed. It is reported that Harnden recently stole a Rolex watch from Rodgers. Rodgers and Harnden both have a history of prostitution. After Rodger’s body was discovered, Harnden was in court for theft involving two Rolex watches. Comanche has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and he is in custody. Text messages between Comanche and his ex-girlfriend show clear signs of planning and attempts to hide evidence. Harnden has been interviewed by police but it is not clear what her charges are, if any, just yet.

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