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German Family Facing Deportation After 15 Years Living In USA Lawfully

A German family based in Morristown, Tennessee is facing deportation after lawfully residing in the United States of America for the past 15 years. The Romeike family first arrived in the USA in 2008 as legitimate asylum seekers. Germany does not allow parents to home-school and fined the Romeike family for doing so. As a result, the family fled this persecution to live in the US, where they homeschooled their seven children. Their asylum status was granted by a judge and upheld in 2013 when it was overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Obama Administration’s Department of Justice appealed the first judge’s ruling and the Sixth Circuit agreed. However, the Romeike family were told that their stay in the USA would be “indefinite.” They were required to check in with immigration agents every six months to a year. They did just that for the past ten years.

When the Romeike family checked in with immigration in September of 2023, just as they had done for the past ten years, their status was denied. No reason was given for the denial. The family was told to get German passports and return back to their country of origin. Two of the seven Romeike family children were born in the United States, so they have birthright citizenship and are not subject to deportation. Two of the children are now married. If they are married with children, the children may serve as “anchor babies” which would prevent their parent’s deportation. Any of the children who don’t fall in either of the aforementioned categories and both parents may now be deported.

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This action comes on the heels of the Southern Border of the United States being completely open. Many of these people call themselves “asylum seekers” but to use that term when describing them is inappropriate and does not correlate to the Romeike family. Asylum seekers need a legitimate reason for seeking asylum and they need to actually show up to court and have a ruling made in their favor. Illegal aliens masquerading as asylum seekers have no desire to ever go to court and do anything by the book to stay in the country legally. They use the cloak of “asylum seeking” to get granted entry into the States where they will do whatever they desire, which usually equates to getting an under-the-table job and sending money back home.


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