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Man Answers “How Often Do You Think Of The Roman Empire” TikTok Challenge Question Perfectly

A video of a man answering the TikTok trend question “how often do you think of the Roman Empire” has gone viral. The trend started as women asked their boyfriends and/or husbands the question to see their responses. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of videos of men answering this question have been uploaded to social media. There are a wide range of responses. Some talk about the idea of “bread and circuses” being coined back during the Roman Empire and still being an issue today. Some men spoke about the gladiators, some spoke about the empire’s geographical coverage, and some talked about specific emperors like Julius Ceasar and Marcus Aurelius.


How Often Do Men Think About The Roman Empire? A Lot, According To New TikTok Trend

Why are people on TikTok asking men how often they think about the Roman Empire? – CBS News

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