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Jacob Blake ADMITS Having A KNIFE That Day in Kenosha

Jacob Blake now admits to having a knife when he was shot by police on that fateful day in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Since Blake is black and the police officer who shot him is white, the incident became part of the greater “Black Lives Matter” protests in the summer of 2020. Just before the Jacob Blake incident was the now-infamous George Floyd death. Floyd was not shot, but he did pass away after being arrested by the police. Blake did not die, but he was shot. So both of those incidents, and others, were lumped together to make for a summer of carnage in areas of several cities throughout the United States.

The chief rallying cry behind subversive groups like “Black Lives Matter” is the “unarmed black male” who is gunned down by police. The reality is that each situation that falls under that simple phrase is unique and should not be seen as having the same set of circumstances. As an example, George Floyd most likely died from the drugs that he was on. The police did not shoot him, although the “knee on the neck” for over 8 minutes was cause for concern – there is no concrete evidence of the knee killing him. Ahmaud Arbery was not shot by police, neither was Trayvon Martin. Philando Castille was armed although the shoot may have been bad.

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Jacob Blake did not even die. Blake was shot and paralyzed after the police tried several different methods of restraining and, eventually, detaining him. Police tried to reason with him without the use of force when they arrived on the scene after his children’s mother called the police on him. The mother said Blake should not be at her home and that he refused to hand over a rental car that was in her name. The phone call in conjunction with a videotape of the incident shows nothing more than a basic domestic violence call and response.

Blake did not want to cooperate with the police although he was given every chance possible. The final straw for the police is when he reached into his vehicle with a knife in his hand. Since Blake had already resisted arrest after a ground wrestling match with police, a taser deployment, and verbal commands, the officer has no choice but to shoot. Luckily, Blake is still alive although he is paralyzed from the waist down.

Michael Strahan of Good Morning America mentioned some of the outside allegations such as Blake having warrants and being armed. Blake confirmed the knife, did not confirm or deny other parts of what Strahan spoke of and, of course, Strahan didn’t push further to get to the bottom of it. The interview was softball at best. It appears as if Blake’s appearance on “GMA” was more of a way to further the narrative of the poor unarmed black man than it was to get down to the core of the issue, which is personal responsibility and accountability.

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