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Snoop Dogg Wants Trump To Pardon Death Row Co-Founder

Rapper Snoop Dogg, a well-known critic of President Donald Trump, wants Trump to pardon Death Row Records co-founder Harry O on his final day in office. Harry O has been in prison since the 1980s after being convicted of running a cocaine empire in California as well as conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. The other Death Row co-founder, Suge Knight, is also in prison. Snoop may not have a chance to ask for Suge’s clemency because he has only been in prison for about five years and he actually killed someone.

The news of Snoop Dogg’s attempt to spring Harry O from prison hit social media like a nuclear blast. A wave of hilarious statements were hurled directly at Snoop Dogg. Most of the comments Snoop received were some variation of “you have some nerve to ask Trump for anything after the way you’ve treated him!” All of those comments are valid. How can a man treat someone like garbage for four straight years then expect that some person to do them a favor? The answer is, actually, kind of complicated.

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Several sources say that Trump is aware of Snoop Dogg’s request to grant Harry O a pardon and that he is thinking about it. Jared Kushner and Alice Marie Johnson are on the case as well. Alice Marie Johnson actually spoke about the Harry O case publicly, saying that his release would mean a lot to her personally. So there is a chance that Trump could spring Harry O from prison… and there are a few reasons why.

If Trump grants the Death Row Records co-founder a pardon, then he could place that feather in his cap of many accomplishments. When history looks back on Trump and they lay out his actual achievements on paper, they will look favorable in comparison to others. Honest historians will say that Trump was better for black Americans than the overwhelmingly majority of Presidents before him. So even though Trump would be well within his rights to deny a pardon to anyone, especially when it comes from a person like Snoop, it may be beneficial to do this one. But if Trump refuses, then everyone would understand, especially Snoop Dogg himself.


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