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Jen Psaki Struggles To Differentiate Containers from Cages In New Migrant Facilities

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki struggled to justify the difference between containers and cages in relation to detention centers at the southern border. Pictures recently surfaced of a newly opened (reopened?) southern border detention center under the Biden administration that features what can best be described as “storage containers” functioning as housing units for migrants. Criticism immediately rained down that these “containers” are not much different than the “cages” which were heavily criticized under the Trump administration.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) did issue a statement against the facility is “wrong” regardless of what party does it. Her statement of apparent condemnation is a far cry from her previous statements of the same facility under Trump when she labeled it a “concentration camp.” Most mainstream media outlets who lambasted Trump for these camps are also either quiet or very reserved in their criticism. At least one outlet, the Washington Post, lauded the facility for its amenities. If nothing else is learned from this ordeal, it is that politics and opportunism appear to trump (no pun intended) any sense of moral policing, which (in this context) is usually fake anyway.

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Psaki Defends Putting Migrant Kids In Caged Shipping Containers Because COVID

First migrant facility for children opens under Biden in Carrizo, Texas – The Washington Post

Fox News’ Peter Doocy spars with Jen Psaki about detention centers: “Is it kids in containers?” – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “If you want to read something creepy, check out the propagandistic attempt by the WPost to make these “migrant facility for children” (not cages!) sound like a fun, joyous summer camp (even as immigration activists bitterly complain that Trump used it).” / Twitter

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