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Roland Martin Baffled By Brilliant Black Conservative King Randall

Liberal talk show host Roland Martin ran into a worthy debate opponent when he invited King Randall of “The X For Boys” onto his show. Randall was there to primarily speak about his organization and what they do for the community of Albany, Georgia. Roland Martin, a black liberal, enjoys having black conservatives on the show to debate political matters. Since Randall lives in Georgia, Roland Martin decided to try and debate about “voter suppression” in the state. The result was an epic performance from Randall that Martin couldn’t do much to contain let alone combat.


(FULL INTERVIEW) Not Your Fight?!? Roland Grapples With Black Conservative Over, Voting, Ga. Voter Suppression – YouTube

The “X” for Boys

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  1. Martin, and others like him, suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. But he doesn’t want only himself to stay enslaved to the State and the Democrat party, but he wants to enslave ALL Black people.


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