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Joe Biden Says All Black People Are The Same, Unlike Hispanics!

During a virtual convention with the NABJ and NAHJ on Yahoo News, Joe Biden said that all black people, with only a few exceptions, are generally the same, unlike Hispanics who are a diverse community.


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Biden’s comment comes after a string of racially charged comments towards the black community including the now-famous “if you don’t know whether you want to go for Trump or Biden, then you ain’t black” remark. At the same NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists) and NAHJ (Hispanic) virtual convention, Biden asked a black reporter if he is a junkie and if he took a drug test for cocaine.

Black Female VP Hopefuls In Limbo

The campaign team for Joe Biden released a list of his potential VP picks. All of them are black women with the possible exception of Elizabeth Warren. How will they defend Biden for the string of negative comments towards the black community. Biden’s campaign was nearly dead during the primary election but was resurrected in South Carolina due to the black vote. Is this how he repays them?

Speaking of the black vote in South Carolina, Biden’s team expected to get that vote. The campaign spoke with confidence and publicly about having the black vote in the bag. And, of course, Joe Biden won South Carolina then continued to win. From Joe Biden’s point of view, his comments about the black community were not wrong. And he has a point. The problem is when comments like “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” come out. That’s called voter intimidation.

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Locked In A Box

A black person isn’t allowed to simply think differently without repercussions. Black conservatives are attacked all of the time. Usually, the attacks are verbal but sometimes they escalate to physicality. A 60-year-old black man was recently shot and killed just days after a confrontation with another black man over a pro-Trump sign. A white male ANTIFA member recently stabbed a black male conservative in Portland.

Verbal attacks can be nearly as damaging as physical attacks depending upon who does it and how. Coming out as a black conservative to black friends and family is often the equivalent to leaving a cult. Not in the sense that the “black community” is a cult, but as far as losing all connections and support systems. It can be isolating. Many black people do want to break away from the proverbial box, but with statements that Joe Biden made, it’s a daunting task at best.


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