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Black Americans DO NOT Want Less Police According To Gallup Poll!

A recent Gallup poll says that 81% of black Americans want either the same amount of or more police in their neighborhoods. The poll size is around 30,000 people, broken up into four categories: Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian – in that order. The majority of people in each racial group polled said that the police presence in their neighborhoods is fine the way it is. Asian Americans wanted less police more than any other group (28%) but that number is nowhere near the majority.

Window Into Reality

Gallup polls are simply a snapshot of America. But with a sample size of at least 30,000 people, this one should be taken seriously. Black Americans simply do not want less police in their communities. The poll even says that more black Americans would want more police than less. This is a conclusion that a Gallup poll isn’t even necessary to find. Especially when speaking about low-income and dangerous black areas.

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It’s difficult to find a person in a dangerous area who says they want less police. The complaint is usually that there is not enough police and that they should come around more often. People on the outside looking in the black community tend to misunderstand the reality of the situation on the ground. Especially those on the left, who are leading the anti-police movement wrapped up in Black Lives Matter so-called “protests” across the country.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Sympathetic Liberals

Black Lives Matter protests consist of mostly young white liberals who are lost and looking for a cause. They often have good intentions at heart, but the end result of their “marches” and “protests” is no more than creating chaos and pain in the very communities they purport themselves to be fighting for. Atlanta has seen an over 250% increase in violent crime. A similar scenario is unfolding in low-income black areas all over the country including New York and Chicago.

When the predictable outcome of more crime in black areas arises from the mostly-white-liberal “Black Lives Matter” movement, the participants in the movement will simply pivot to another grievance or another cause. They retreat back to their cities and states of origin, never to return to the proverbial scene of the crime. The very things they accomplished on the backs of black Americans will simply get blamed on the outside, uninvolved forces of conservative Republicans.

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