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Joe Rogan Slams Bill Gates Over Misplaced Health Advice

Joe Rogan chimed in on the health advice of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Gates is now infamous for peddling all types of health advice from what types of food people should eat to what shots they should get to what type of clothing they should wear. He has become the defacto Health Czar of the world… at least on television. The problem is that Bill Gates has an economic background as a businessman. He has no background or expertise in the health field whatsoever. By every measurable metric, Bill Gates has no ground to stand on when it comes to being an authority figure on human health.

The problem with people like Bill Gates is the power they hold due to their unlimited resources and business advantage. Microsoft is nearly a monopoly of a company. They rarely ever get caught up in scandal and when they do, the issue magically disappears over a brief period of time. This same “privilege” applies to Bill Gates himself. The fact that he is not qualified to speak on anything health-related judging by his waistline and background doesn’t matter to those at the top. What matters is his willingness to pump millions (if not, billions) of dollars into things he allegedly cares about.

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