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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio BANS Large Gatherings Except For BLM Protests!

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a very interesting interview LIVE on CNN. Wolf Blitzer asked the Mayor about his recent ban of large gatherings in the city until September. The Mayor responded with “its just not time for that now.” But then when Blitzer asked a follow-up question about BLM protests, de Blasio essentially gave it the green light.

Par For The Course

This is of no surprise for Bill de Blasio. He is the first Social Justice Mayor of New York City. During the aforementioned CNN interview, the Mayor bragged about painting “Black Lives Matter” in the copycat gigantic yellow letters on the ground in front of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Trump spoke about it and mentioned how upset the other vendors on the street are. Bill de Blasio was so focused on hurting Trump politically, that he did not care about the collateral damage.

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The reasoning behind allowing some large gatherings and disallowing others is strange and inherently contradictory. First, so-called “experts” and leftist politicians say that large gatherings expose people to the virus. They’ll also say that minorities, especially black Americans, are more prone to catching the virus due to working more in service-based industries and living in multi-generational households.

Making Sense Of The Nonsensical

If all of the aforementioned things are true, then justifications behind Black Lives Matter protests don’t make sense. The same so-called “experts” and leftists politicians who condemn large gatherings because it could hurt minorities, especially blacks, praise large gatherings for BLM protests because they help the very same people. What? Either large gatherings hurt or they help. The fact that there are different standards for different types of gatherings point to all of this being political and not truly based in science.

Bill de Blasio is universally hated in New York. His response to the uptick in violence due to constant “Black Lives Matter” protests and also his response to the virus are simply his latest infractions. New York City has been on an overall decline in quality of life under his reign as Mayor. New Yorkers have had enough. All that he’s doing now with the ridiculous double-standard on large gatherings is making the case against him stronger.

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