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Manslaughter Arrest Made In Death Of Hockey Player Adam Johnson

Police have arrested Matt Petgrave on charges of manslaughter over the death of fellow hockey player Adam Johnson after a horrific incident that took place two weeks ago. During a game in England, Petgrave lifted his foot off of the ice and made contact with Johnson’s neck/throat area. Ice skaters wear razor-sharp skates, so any contact of this sort is very dangerous. The bottom of Petgrave’s skate sliced Johnson’s neck open. Blood immediately spilled everywhere as if he was shot or stabbed in the neck. The incident was gruesome to watch. Johnson died as a result of this injury.

It is unclear if this was a pure accident, done intentionally, or somewhere in between. Professional hockey players have chimed in on the issue and some of them say that it appears as if Petgrave tried to make contact with Johnson but he did not intend to hurt him. Matt Petgrave is widely known as a “dirty” player, having racked up the most penalties in one of the eight different leagues that he has played in.

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