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Nazi March In Florida Features A Couple Of Suspicious Characters

A so-called Nazi march in Florida comprised of “Goyim Defense League” and “Blood Tribe” took place in Altamonte Springs, Florida. These groups also reportedly protested directly outside of the Disney World Resort area in Orlando. About two dozen or so men, all white, dressed in red and black, chanted various racist phrases at cameras and passing traffic. Most of the men wore masks that covered up their entire faces with the exception of maybe two or three people, including Christopher Pohlhaus and Kent McLellan aka “Boneface.”

This “march” is reminiscent of other suspicious activities that have taken place in the recent past. A famous incident like this was the Lincoln-project-funded tiki-torch “march” near a Glenn Youngkin tour bus during his Virginia GOP Gubernatorial campaign in 2021. There was also the group “Patriot Front” who are nearly identical in their mannerisms and actions as “Blood Tribe.” A famous incident that was exposed as an FBI plot was the alleged kidnapping attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Several people were charged but the entire case fell apart due to most of the people involved either being outright federal agents or federal informants.

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“Boneface” and Pohlhaus are both well-known to authorities. “Boneface” has been to federal prison before on similar charges to what he is in Florida demonstrating for. He also fled to Ukraine to fight for the neo-Nazi “AZOV” Battalion on the Donbas against Russia. It is suspicious that people with criminal backgrounds and obvious affiliations with white supremacist groups would be allowed to roam around the United States without any ties to the federal government in an informant capacity.


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