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NFL Star Antonio Brown Exposes The Narrative Surrounding Colin Kaepernick

Star NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown, most recently of the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, slammed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on a podcast. The podcast, apparently entitled #CIGARTALK, looks like the kind of platform that allows free-flowing conversation. At a certain point, the podcast’s host begins to speak about Colin Kaepernick being “blackballed” from the NFL due to kneeling about social issues. Antonio Brown spoke up to challenge the host on the point he was making. What “A.B.” said next may get him into some trouble, but it was most certainly the honest truth.

Antonio Brown said that Colin Kaepernick “took the deal” and “doesn’t want to play”. Brown was referring to Kaepernick still maintaining his endorsement with NIKE and also picking up other brand deals. Kaepernick laments how racist and terrible the NFL is, yet he continues to profit off of it. Kaepernick compares the NFL to slavery and the NFL combine to a slave auction, yet he complains about not being in the league anymore. Antonio Brown pointed out what should be obvious to most… and that is the fact that Kaepernick is in this for the money. Many people look up to Kaepernick as some sort of conscious thought leader and activist, yet people rarely ever actually see him.

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Black Lives Matter as an organization is similar in nature to Colin Kaepernick. They aren’t really seen much aside from the random foot soldiers who destroy things when they want to get some attention and money. The money does not go where it should. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation former chair Patrisse Cullors and some of her friends have a ten million dollar real estate portfolio allegedly built off of BLM donation money. One of the homes is worth over six million in Los Angeles. Patrisse Cullors filmed one video in front of it that is on her YouTube page and called the estate a “production house”. These people are so obviously phony and money-driven that it boggles the mind. Antonio Brown just laid those facts out in the simplest fashion possible.


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👑 Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Twitter: “Antonio Brown to Colin Kaepernick: “We don’t feel sorry for you, you took the deal. Fuck outta here!” “We don’t see him outside. We don’t see him in the hood.” “He not even from the hood, he ain’t been in the trenches.” “As black people, we gotta get that clear.”” / Twitter

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