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NYC Residents Furious At AOC And Jerry Nadler During Migrant Protest

New York City residents exploded with anger at Jerry Nadler, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (AOC), and other politicians during their live statements about the migrant crisis. Several politicians gathered for a press conference outside of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. The iconic establishment has essentially been destroyed after being used as a makeshift homeless shelter for thousands of migrants. According to NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the city has taken in over 110,000 migrants in about one year’s time. This has caused an immense strain on the resources of the city including both manpower and finances.

Many residents of NYC feel like they are being ignored. Migrants are causing serious problems beyond just the incalculable expenditure of resources. Politicians were not able to get through their prepared statements of bullet points without being drowned out by angry protesters. These people were not just protesters, however. These are constituents who should be the primary focus of elected officials. Unfortunately, the people of other nations such as Mexico and Ukraine appear to be the primary focus of these politicians.

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