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Democrats Refuse To Endorse Kamala Harris For Joe Biden’s VP Pick In 2024

Democratic politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and Jamie Raskin, refuse to endorse Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s 2024 running mate. Nikki Haley was one of the first politicians to raise an alarm about the current Vice President, saying that a vote for Biden in 2024 would be a vote for Kamala. Many leftists accused Haley of issuing racist “dog whistles” to her white conservative base, saying that there is nothing wrong with the former California Attorney General.

The same people who accused Haley of racism also refuse to endorse her as the 2024 VP pick, which should be an obvious thing as incumbents almost never change their VP. There is also some murmuring about Biden himself. The Washington Post, an establishment long known as leftist-sympathizing, wrote a scathing op-ed against Biden running in 2024, citing the obvious decline of health.

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Celebrity blogger Jason Lee recorded the video of Kamala Harris dancing at her residence for Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary which has garnered over 20 million views to date. He came to her defense by saying the negative comments came from white supremacists, racists, and black people brainwashed by white people. Lee’s comments were clearly anti-conservative. What he clearly does not, or refuses to, understand is that Kamala Harris polled at zero percent when she ran for President in 2020 and that trend will probably be the same if she ran again. So, it is a logical thing to say that she would be a liability as VP because Biden himself is a liability. If Biden cannot, for whatever reason, continue as President, she would assume the role. The majority of people on both sides do not want that.


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Yvette Carnell 🇺🇸 on X: “W’re not listening to gossip blogger Jason Lee pretend he understands politics. The guy’s a smut merchant. At least now we know who told VP Harris to bust a move 🥹🥺😳 No idea how Lee passes these security checks. Politics is about policy, not love. Go text Rihanna” / X

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