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Tyler Perry Tells A Big Lie About The Gender Pay Gap In The Black Community

Tyler Perry appeared on a podcast recently and a clip where he spoke about the gender pay gap in the black community has gone viral. His premise was that black women typically make more than black men. The numbers do not back him up. Black women earn about 90% of what black men earn as it relates to median income in the United States. The highest gap between men and women of the same race goes to Asians with a nearly 80% ratio. No race group of women has a higher median income than their same-race male counterparts. Tyler Perry, well-known for his “Madea” movie empire, simply repeated a false talking point that has been very popular as of late for some odd reason.


Median earnings for women in 2022 were 83.0 percent of the median for men : The Economics Daily: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


The Dating Pool Dropouts | The Free Press

Hannah Cox on X: “Women don’t need to lower their standards. Instead we need to figure out why men, on average, are falling so far behind their female counterparts. This is a vastly important question. Biologically, most women are simply not going to be attracted to a man they don’t see as an…” / X

The Free Press on X: “Young men today feel they must be six feet tall, make six figures, and have six inches downstairs to get a girlfriend—so many have given up trying. @Olivia_Reingold on the dating pool dropouts:” / X

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