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Ohio Police Shoot Pregnant Woman After Shoplifting Call Justified Or Not

Ohio police shot a pregnant woman after receiving a call for an alleged shoplifting from a Columbus area grocery store. The woman was 21-year-old Takiya Young. Unfortunately, she was pregnant. Young and her baby are both deceased. Video of the shooting has gone viral to mixed reactions. Some say that the shooting was justified, some disagree with that sentiment, while others are sort of confused on the subject.

Blendon Township, Ohio police responded to a call for shoplifting at a local store that was allegedly the victim of a “flash rob.” This is an occurrence where large groups of people enter a brick-and-mortar retail store and steal a lot of items all at once. The objective is to overwhelm any security and/or store employees who may be on the scene at the time. Takiya Young was accused of stealing several bottles of alcohol, although that claim has been disputed by a witness. When police arrived on the scene, they confronted Young in her vehicle.

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Police demanded that Takiya exit her vehicle to no avail. Two officers were making the demands, and at least one officer had his gun drawn. Officers continued to request that Takiya Young get out of her vehicle but they were not making any progress. Eventually, Young decided to simply accelerate her vehicle in the direction of an officer who had his gun drawn. The officer shot one time and Young and her baby died as a result. A lawyer made a statement and said that it shouldn’t just be “comply or die”… but he doesn’t say what should have happened instead, considering the circumstances.


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