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Rapper 50 Cent Says L.A. Is Finished After Zero Bail Policy Goes Into Effect

Rapper 50 Cent posted a news clip on Instagram with the caption: “LA is finished watch how bad it gets out there.” The news report was about Los Angeles passing a zero bail reform policy. Suspected criminals arrested on “low-level and non-serious” offenses will not have to offer up any cash to bail out of jail. This policy was ruled on by a judge who offered law enforcement leadership to object. Unfortunately, nobody objected and the policy was put into effect. Former law enforcement and other crime experts say that the bill will most certainly cause a spike in crime. If there is little deterrent against criminality, the logical conclusion is that there will be more of it.


50 Cent warns Los Angeles is ‘finished’ after city reinstates no-bail policy

50 Cent Says Los Angeles ‘Finished’ By No-Bail Policy: ‘Watch How Bad It Gets Out There’

50 Cent is reminded of his criminal past after saying LA is ‘finished’ due to its zero-bail policy  | Daily Mail Online

50 Cent says Los Angeles is ‘finished’ after zero bail policy reinstatement: ‘Watch how bad it gets’ | Fox News

Zero-bail policy back in effect for LA County – YouTube

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