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Report: Hillary Clinton Approved Sharing Of Fake Trump/Russia Story With Mainstream Media In 2016

Hillary Clinton personally approved of sharing an unsubstantiated Trump/Russia story with the mainstream media back in 2016. The story was that Trump had a connection to the Kremlin-backed “Alfa Bank” via a “secret” server. Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, testified that the campaign met about the particular issue back then. Mook’s testimony came as a result of the ongoing Michael Sussman trial. Sussman is accused of lying to the FBI about representing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign while also serving the interests of another client. Sussman is also accused of lying to “manipulate” the FBI over Trump. Sussman’s trial is not meant to be a trial against Hillary Clinton over the 2016 campaign, however, there are undeniable ties that cannot be ignored.


Hillary Clinton APPROVED plan to share Trump-Russian bank communications, campaign manager claims | Daily Mail Online

Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says | CNN Politics

Hillary Clinton OK’d sharing Trump-Russia ‘data’: campaign manager

Hillary Clinton approved dissemination of Trump-Russian bank allegations to media, campaign manager testifies | Fox News

Michael Sussmann: Clinton lawyer ‘lied to manipulate FBI over Trump’ – BBC News

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  1. this idiot and her pathological lying bum husband need to go away already. theyve done enough damage to the usa as it is. ever since clinton was in office the usa has been in an uncontrollable downward tailspin to create the pathetic lost cause cesspool of a country we have today.


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